The SFGC was founded in 1926 by a group of civic-minded people who wanted to make the city more beautiful. In its 90 years of existence, the Club has far exceeded this modest goal.

The Club has embarked upon a program of 90 Acts of Beautification to celebrate its 90th Anniversary. Continuing its legacy in Golden Gate Park, the Club is currently planting 90 trees there in commemoration. The restoration of the unique Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park may be the Club's most recognizable accomplishment; but many students at both U.C. Berkeley and City College have benefited from the prizes and scholarships awarded for excellence in landscape design, floristry and horticulture. The Club also has supported vegetable gardens for the homeless, tree planting in low-income neighborhoods and gardening education programs in the schools.

A hallmark of this dynamic organization is its ability to adapt with the times and offer help where it is most needed.


The Club has a long history of raising funds to achieve its mission. In the past eight years the Club has raised over $750,000 to beautify the City and to educate future gardeners. After storms ravaged the Conservatory of Flowers the Club raised over $500,000 for its restoration. Our members roll up their sleeves and open their hearts to give back to the City we love.


We treasure our jewel of a city. Our beautification projects have extended from Golden Gate Park to Telegraph Hill to Mission Dolores. The re-opening of the Conservatory of Flowers in 2003 represented the culmination of the Club's herculean efforts to restore and preserve this exquisite structure. The Club also dedicated the magnificent glass lily art installation to the Conservatory. Read more

Member Activities

Our members enjoy a wide variety of activities focused on horticulture and floral arranging. We have monthly programs with a variety of presenters, such as well-known florists, landscapers, and botanists. Our members enjoy organized trips, floral workshops, and unique docent tours of nurseries, gardens and museums. Read more about becoming a member.