The San Francisco City College Student awards Selection Process

by Ann Colvin

Some may not know that there is an extensive process for the selection of students to receive Alice Eastwood Scholarships.

The selection process consists of three parts. All applicants are evaluated and judged separately by the AE Committee which consists of five Garden Club members, who volunteer and are selected each year. The three sections evaluated are:

l. Written application: This is a form devised by the AE Committee and Steven Brown which asks for current information about each applicant -- GPA at CCSF, GPA in Floristry or Horticulture major, transcript, list of current classes, etc. In addition, applicants are asked to answer in writing a number of questions -- Why did you decide on Floristry or Horticulture as a career? Describe your short term and long term goals. Describe work experience (paid or volunteer) related to Floristry or Horticulture. Do you have any areas of specialization? The written application is presented to the Committee in a booklet form for review.

2. Portfolio: Floristry students present a portfolio with pictures of their floral designs and projects both for classes and also from projects in their work and volunteer experiences. Horticulture students present landscape design plans and projects, often large drafts and drawings with plants selected and why each was chosen for the particular space.

3. Personal Interview: The Committee conducts a personal interview, of approximately 15 minutes with each applicant. The interviews are held at City College in the EF/H Department.

There are usually between 15 and 20 applicants each year and 6 to 8 scholarships are awarded -- usually a first and second place in each category (Floristry, Horticulture), sometimes a third place and Honorable Mentions. All depends on the talent and strength of the applicants each year. Occasionally, we also have applicants from the field of Botany.

The scholarships (each a Garden Club check and a paper certificate prepared by Steven Brown) are presented to the winners at an Award Ceremony at City College in May. First place winners are usually invited to the Garden Club Annual Meeting and Luncheon.

Graduates of the City College Floristry and Horticulture programs active in the Bay Area include: Orna Maymon of Ornamento, the florist shop at the Fairmont Hotel and our luncheon speaker in November2015; Nixon Tran, lead designer at Michael Dagian Designs, in San Francisco; John Alexander, with his own landscape design company, JG Designs, in San Francisco; Nicole Kastle owns a florist shop in Gilroy; Oxana Sanukova owns a shop in Marin County; and Ariel Ermatinger is a floral designer for Floramor Studios in San Francisco.